What cron-jobs must be created for Groundhogg?

You may be confused about Cron Jobs, which is understandable as they are a tricky subject sometimes. So in this article, I will tell you the ones which are essential, and some optional ones as well for best performance.

WordPress External Cron Job wp-cron.php

This cron job is for the core WordPress system. By default, Groundhogg events are executed based on the core WordPress cron system. When setting up this cron job you should disable the internal cron system.

The URL for this job is below:


The interval for this cron job should be 1 minute unless you have activated the Groundhogg External Cron below, in which case you can set it to a lower frequency like 15 minutes.

Groundhogg External Cron Job gh-cron.php

You can optionally activate the Groundhogg external cron job which will separate Groundhogg event execution from other core WordPress events. This is the recommended method if you have a high volume site.

The URL for this job is below:


The interval for this cron job should be 1 minute in all cases and should be active in addition to the core WordPress cron.

AWS External Cron Job aws-cron.php

This is only applicable if you are using our AWS integration, otherwise, you can ignore this one. The AWS integration contains a separate event queue that has the ability to batch requests for much better performance vs. other email integrations. By default, the AWS queue will be executed whenever the Groundhogg queue executes, but you can set up this cron job to create a separate service for better performance.

The URL for this job is below:


The interval for this cron job should be  1 minute in all cases and should be active in addition to any other active cron jobs.

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