Page Tracking

In version 2.5.4 (or later) of Groundhogg (publicly released on September 27, 2021) you can
track what pages your customers are going to.

If they haven’t logged in, but have approved use of cookies, then Groundhogg will track every
page they go to and include a timestamp (in UTC-0) in the cookie groundhogg_page_visits. If
they signup or login at any time then all those pages that they have visited will be stored in their

If you have strict GDPR settings turned on then you will need to get explicitly get consent before the tracking starts. The way to do this is by following our help document on getting getting cookie consent.

If they are logged in then in real time Groundhogg will store each page that they visit in their file.
You can see the page views of each contact by going to Groundhogg -> Contacts -> click on the
contact you want to see -> Page Visits.

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