MemberPress: Sync previous order and customer status with Groundhogg

The Pro or above Groundhogg plan has integration with MemberPress so you will need that paid plan or above in order to get the integration.

If you have used MemberPress in the past and started to use Groundhogg, you may realize that the orders and customer statuses from those don’t show up in Groundhogg. We understand that this is frustrating and makes your life even harder. In Groundhogg you can sync these so you have them in one place.

There is a way to fix this, by syncing MemberPress to Groundhogg.

You can do this by going to your website, then Groundhogg -> Tools -> Misc. There you can sync with MemberPress. It will then process, and will have all your contacts, previous orders, and customer statuses in Groundhogg.

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