Benchmark: Web Form

Want information on someone? Or want them to register for something? A Groundhogg web form may work for you. 

To create a form there is a step in a funnel called Web Form which is under Benchmarks. You want to click and drag from the right side to the left.

When you click on it, you can edit the box to include any fields that Groundhogg has to offer.

An "After submit..." section is provided to either stay on the page and provide a response or add a URL to redirect to another page. 

To style your form you can select the Theme: Theme Default, Simple, Modern, Classic, or add some custom code. And use the color picker for the accent color. 

Want someone to be able to see the form? You can use the embed options on the right-hand side of the box, these embed options include, shortcode, iframe, HTML or hosted (link).

Title of embed options and it lists the four different options with the ability to copy each of them

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