WPForms Integration

Using WPForms? Follow this guide to connect WPForms to Groundhogg!


  1. You have purchased the WPForms integration or the Plus Plan or better.
  2. You have installed the Extension Manager or WPForms integration manually.
  3. You have installed the WPForms plugin.
  4. You have created a form with WPForms.

Create a new funnel from scratch!

Click on Benchmarks and drag the WPForms icon into the step flow.

Select the form you want to use to connect with Groundhogg.

Click the Map fields button to tell Groundhogg which form fields should be added to the contact record.

Select a Groundhogg field from the dropdowns on the right of the popup that best matches the information coming from WPForms. When finished, click Save Changes.

When finished mapping and adding follow emails and steps to your funnel, activate the funnel and save your changes!

Your WPForms form is now integrated with Groundhogg!

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