Zapier Integration: Zap listener

The Zap Listener is a benchmark that can listen for POSTS from Zapier to your site which contains contact information.

You can place a Zap Listener anywhere in your funnel, but if the contact does not already exist in your CRM you will need to place it at the beginning of a funnel.

1. Enable your API

The ZAP listener uses the Groundhogg API to listen for JSON POST requests from Zapier.

Please follow these instructions on how to enable the API.

2. Insert Zap Listener Benchmark

A new benchmark will appear in the benchmarks section called Zap Listener.

3. Copy Zap Link

Copy the link as shown below and enter it into your zap action. This is a special link that will only work for this zap.

Warning: The link contains your API Token & Public key. Do not, under any circumstances, make this link public or share it with anyone.

4. Send Test Request

Once you’ve entered your Zap Listener URL into your Zap action, send a test request from Zapier to the Zap Listener URL.

Important! Make sure you are sending a POST request. A GET request will return a 404 error.

If the test was successful, you should see the contents of the last request in the Last Request field under the Zap Listener URL.

5. Map API Fields

After you’ve successfully received a test request, you will see a button appear that says Map API Fields.

Clicking it will show a popup with a UI to map the fields from your POST request to contact record fields in Groundhogg. 

Map the appropriate fields to their respective contact record details and then save your changes. That’s it!

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