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  • Zapier Integration: Zap listener

    The Zap Listener is a benchmark that can listen for POSTS from Zapier to your site which contains contact information. You can place a Zap Listener anywhere in your funnel, but if the contact does

  • Zapier Integration: Zap action

    Zapier works in trigger -> action pairs. The action specifies what to do with the retrieved data. There is a large number of apps to choose from, but for the sake of this example, we are going to

  • Zapier Integration: Create zap triggers

    Once you have your zap action-ready in your funnel it's time to create a Zap. To create Zap you need to login into your Zapier account( Click Here to Login ). You can create a Zap by clicking on the

  • Zapier Integration: Getting started

    Groundhogg has the power to connect with Zapier which can connect you to 1000+ services and give you the power to automate more than just your email marketing funnels. Users of Groundhogg can

  • Zapier Integration: How to integrate Groundhogg with Thriveleads

    Integrating with Thrive Leads can be accomplished in two ways. 1. You can use the Zapier addon from groundhogg and set up a Zap. Documentation for the Zapier addon is found here: