SMTP: Introduction

The SMTP extension plugin allows you to use the SMTP server to send emails through Groundhogg. 

To get started with this service, you need to go to Groundhogg's website and download the SMTP plugin, or get it as part of the basic plan (or above) and install it on your website. 

Once you successfully integrated the Groundhogg SMTP plugin you will be able to see new settings inside the Email tab in your Groundhogg settings.

You need to update all the values with the details provided by your SMTP service provider. Once added, click on save changes. You should then find that the enable option for sending a test email has been activated. 

Click on the “Send Test Email” button. It will send a test email to the current user's email address. You can make sure this service is working by checking your email inbox. If you do not see an email in your inbox make sure the email did not get delivered in the spam folder.

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