SMTP: Connect to Sendgrid

If you are using SendGrid with the SMTP extension please follow these steps.

Navigate to the Email API Screen and select SMTP Relay.

Enter an API key name (does not have to be anything specific) and click create key.

Your new API KEY Details will show below.

Copy and paste the provided information into the SMTP settings area as shown below.

SMTP Host: 
Encryption:           SSL
SMTP Port:           465
Username:            apikey
SMTP Password: Your provided api key

Save your details in Groundhogg and then click Verify Integration in the SendGrid setup flow.

Go back to Groundhogg and click Send Test Email.

In the SendGrid flow click Start Verification and you will see a screen that looks like this.

Once your integration has been verified you will see this success message!

The test email you sent earlier will show as being sent via

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