BuddyBoss Integration: Introduction

BuddyBoss is a great membership and community platform used by thousands to manage their members and content.

You can now combine the power of BuddyBoss and Groundhogg to segment your members and target their interests for advanced marketing funnels.

To integrate these two platforms together you need Groundhogg's BuddyBoss integration which you can download from our website.

You will need the Pro plan or above of Groundhogg in order to use Groundhogg and BuddyBoss.

All features:

View BuddyBoss details in the contact record

You'll be able to view all the BuddyBoss information of a contact in the contact record admin page on the right-hand side. There will be a new Info Card titled BuddyBoss

Add or remove tags based on a user's Profile Type

If you have the Profile Types feature enabled in BuddyBoss, a Groundhogg integration panel will show so that you can select which tags are added or removed whenever the profile type of a user changes.

If the profile type of a user changes, the associated tag of the previous member type will be removed automatically.

Add or remove tags when a user joins or leaves a group 

If you are using BuddyBoss groups, you can use the Groundhogg BuddyBoss Integration to add or remove tags from a contact when a user joins or leaves a group.

To manage the tags, go to the appropriate BuddyBoss group and the Groundhogg integration panel will be on the right-hand side.

There is also an option to reverse the tags when users leave the group. If this option is enabled then tags under "removed tags" will be applied to users and tags under "add tags" will be removed from the user.

Map BuddyBoss profile fields to Groundhogg fields

YOu are also able to map BuddyBoss profile fields to contact fields in Groundhogg. Simply open the settings page for the appropriate BuddyBoss profile field and the option to map it to a Groundhogg contact field will show on the right.

View and manage any advanced email preferences from the BuddyBoss profile

If you are using the Advanced Email Preferences extension those preferences will automatically be shown in the BuddyBoss preferences area in the user's profile page.

The user will be able to fully manage those email preferences from that screen! However, if the user wishes to unsubscribe or download their Groundhogg profile they still need to do that from the Groundhogg preferences area by clicking the unsubscribe link in any email.

Sync existing BuddyBoss data with Groundhogg

Have you already been using BuddyBoss for a while and have only just added Gorundhogg? You can sync all historical data with 1 click.

Go to Groundhogg > Tools > Misc and run the BuddyBoss Sync Tool!

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