Advanced Email Preferences: Introduction to advanced email preferences

By default, Groundhogg offers a global unsubscribe and other preference options. With this extension, you can extend the preferences center to allow contacts to opt-out or into specific tags that you use for segmentation or different topics. You can also allow contacts to opt-out of the funnel they are active in.

You can download the Advance Preference extension from the Groundhogg website, and it is included in every plan from basic and above.

Preferences Page

The preferences page is what will be displayed to the user when they click the unsubscribe link in any email sent by Groundhogg.

The design of this page cannot be edited except with custom CSS.

The following preference options cannot be removed as they are the minimum required options for compliance.

  • I love this company, you can communicate with me whenever you feel like it.
  • I no longer wish to receive any form of communication. Unsubscribe me!
  • Unsubscribe me and delete any personal information about me. (GDPR ONLY)

Manage the Preferences Page

Enabling the advance preference extension creates a new column in the Tags manager. Using this column you can determine where this tag will be displayed on the preference page.

You can manage the status of the viewing property by editing the show as a preference filed of the tag.

Preferences Settings

Groundhogg provides additional settings that will prevent users from changing their preferences to weekly or monthly. You can find these settings under Groundhogg > Settings > Compliance.


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