Contact Reporting

When you arrive at the Contact Reporting page you will be presented with a line graph of "New Contacts" for the last 30 days. You can hover your mouse anywhere along the line to see the total count for that day. 

In the top right corner, you can select the date range of your reports. Enter a custom date by clicking in the date fields or selecting Last 30 days, This month, Last month, Last 7 days, Last 3 months, or This year. 

Below the line graph, you will see four quick numbers. These show this month's numbers vs the past 30 days in a percentage. 

If you click on the New Contacts, Confirmed Contacts, Engaged Contacts, and Unsubscribed Contacts values, a new window will open presenting a list of the Contacts that match this criteria. 

Next are six ring charts:

  • Opt-in Status
  • Lead Score - Requires the Lead Scoring extension be installed
  • Contacts by Country
  • Contacts by Region
  • Top Search Engines
  • Top Social Networks

The Top Search Engines and Top Social Networks graphs are populated automatically if the Contacts have a referer. A "referrer" is a piece of information passed along with an HTTP request that identifies the address of the webpage or resource from which the request was made.

You can also track where your contacts are signing up, or sources like landing pages. 
*If you would like to use this data the meta keys are: source_page and lead_source.

The last report shows Contact engagement based on status. You can click through to the list of Contacts based on their status. 

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