Funnel Reporting

Go to the Groundhogg reporting dashboard and click on the funnels tab. From here you will be able to select which funnel you want the report for!

You can also get to the reporting view for the funnel by clicking the Reports button while editing the funnel.

Or by clicking the Report link from the list view.

Benchmark Breakdown

The first report you'll see is a visual of the number of contacts that have completed the different benchmarks in your funnel!

Funnel Quick Stats

Next on the page are the funnel quick stats, these provide insight into funnel trends, like the number of active contacts within the reporting time range.

Email Performance

We pull together the numbers for all the emails in your funnel and put them into different categories. Emails with an open rate of over 20% and a Click-through rate of over 10% are considered emails that are performing well.

Emails under a 20% open rate or 10% click-through rate are considered needing improvement.


The forms report will compile conversion rate, leads and impressions for all the forms in the funnel.


The activity report will give you real-time data on where people are in a funnel, what steps they completed and their next step.

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