What are the "Marketable" and "Non-marketable" tags?

The Marketable and Un-marketable tags are special opt-in status tags that cannot be applied or removed from a contact as they are a reflection of the contact's current opt-in status and compliance level.

For example, contact on a site which has:

  • Email confirmation enabled
  • An email grace period confirmation of days
  • And GDPR consent required

Would be Marketable in the following cases:

  • Signed up within 14 days, provided GDPR consent, did not confirm their email address (the confirmation grace period is used here).
  • Signed up and within 14 days confirmed their email address and provided GDPR consent.

And would be Non-Marketable if they:

  • Did not provided GDPR consent
  • Provided GDPR consent but did not confirm their email address within 14 days.

Whenever a contact's marketability changes, the special Marketable and Non-marketable tags will be updated to reflect that.

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