Presto Player Integration: Introduction

Note: this integration requires the Pro plan (or above) of Groundhogg, and the paid version of Presto Player.

Presto Player is the ultimate WordPress video player plugin. It lets you use video or audio anywhere on your website, get reports, and much more.

With the Groundhogg Presto Player integration, you can make sure all your leads are in Groundhogg, track the video progress of each person, and have automation based on their progress.

All features:

Start Funnel Based On Opt-in

Want a bunch of things to happen once someone has opt-in to watching the video? You can do that with a Groundhogg funnel.

You will want to have the Presto Player Optin be the very first thing in the funnel, which can be found in the benchmarks. Once you do that, the choices are almost unlimited, you can do any benchmarks or actions that Groundhogg offers.

A Groundhogg funnel that has Presto Player Optin as the first benchmark and is clicked on it to show an example

Tracking Video Progress

Presto Player automatically tracks how much someone watches a video, and you can view that inside a Groundhogg contact record.

You will want to view the contact record, and there will be a line in the activity that shows what percentage of a video that contact has watched.

A example Groundhogg contact, with a red circle around the Presto Player activity showing that the user has watched 60% of a certain video

Automation Based On Their Progress

Want something to happen when a contact has watched a certain percentage (or more) of the video? You can do that with Groundhogg by adding the Presto Player Progress benchmark.

Want someone to get notified via email? Groundhogg can do that. Want a text message to be sent to them? Groundhogg can do that.

A Groundhogg funnel with being clicked on Presto Player Progress. Where you can select the progress percentage and what video this applies for.

Setting Presto Video Block for opt-in

  • Add the Presto Video block to a Page, Post, Course, etc. 
  • Select the block and go to its settings. 
  • Under the heading Video Preset, [ Add New Preset ]

  • Give the preset a name
  • Click the Email Capture setting

  • Slide the Enable Email Capture

Hopefully this Groundhogg and Presto Player integration is very helpful for you.

 If you have any other integrations you think would be helpful, then you are welcome to request them and our development team will take them into consideration.

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