Booking Calendar: How to send contacts SMS notifications for appointments

Once you have set up the notifications you want to send to your contacts after they book an appointment on your calendar, you will want to set up SMS. 

How to set up SMS notifications for contacts:

Log into your WordPress install. 

Click on the Groundhogg > calendars:

Navigate to the SMS Reminders tab. 

Here you can choose to enable and define the alerts a contact will receive at each of the appointment statuses (scheduled, rescheduled, cancelled)

Make sure that the SMS Notification box is checked to enable the SMS reminders for contacts.

How to edit SMS notifications for contacts: 

The default notifications are listed below. Once enabled, a text message will be sent for every appointment that is scheduled, rescheduled and cancelled. 

If you need to edit the default message you do so by clicking the "edit SMS" button beside the corresponding notification that you wish to change. 

This will take you to the SMS tab so you can modify the message: 

When you have finished, click the "update & test" button. 

You should receive a text at the number of your associated contact record.

How to add additional reminders: 

Once a contact books, cancels or reschedules an appointment, your original SMS will automatically be sent.

If you want to remind your contact of their appointment later on, you can do so under the reminders section. 

First, you will want to click the blue plus button:  

This will bring you to a menu where you can choose which email you would like to send and when you would like to send it. You can send a text minutes, hours, days, weeks or months before and after an appointment. 

This will allow you to remind a customer of an upcoming appointment, or to send them a follow-up after an appointment. 

Once completed, click  save changes and you're good to go! 

Next, you will want to create a page for contacts to request an appointment with you. We have a help document that tells you how to do this.

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