What to do if the gh-cron is not verifying?

If you are unable to verify the Groundhogg cron job gh-cron.php then you will have to rely on the WordPress cron wp-cron.php. This is not a big deal but will result in a slight performance hit on larger sites.

Failure to verify the Groundhogg cron generally stems from a caching or CDN-related issue, or your server/hosting is preventing requests from the cron service you have deployed. 

Things you can try to fix the verification issue:

  • Exclude the gh-cron.php file from any caching or CDN rules
  • Make sure the IP addresses of any external cron services in use are whitelisted
    • For cron-job.org they are,, and
  • Disabling any CDN/Caching services temporarily to see if the cron-job becomes verified
  • Use a server-based cron-job instead and run the gh-cron.php file directly

If none of the above works then you must rely on the built-in WordPress cron service.

  1. Go to Groundhogg > Tools > Cron Setup
  2. Start the setup process
  3. Uninstall the gh-cron.php file 
  4. Groundhogg will automatically start using the built-in WordPress cron service

If your host provides an internal cron service set up a server cron for your WordPress site for every 1 minute.

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