Really Simple Payments: Initial set up

Really Simple Payments is another plugin created by the Groundhogg team which makes collecting payments easier and faster for users. It is also included in the plus plan or above.

Using Groundhogg's Really Simple Payments, users can create a one-time charge as well as subscription charges for their users. 

Really Simple Payments uses Stripe to process all the payments.

When you install Really Simple Payments you will be able to see a new settings tab inside your website where you can configure settings of your currency, taxes, and Stripe account.
In the currency section, you need to select a currency that you wish to charge your customers. You can only charge your customers one currency at a time. The default currency for your site is set to USD, yet can be changed to reflect the currency you wish to charge. 
When it comes to style, there are two separate options on how to display the currency to your users. You can enable the design options to separate thousands by a dot instead of a comma. 
Apart from that, you can also set the currency symbol position while displaying it on your website. 
Really Simple Payments also provides an option to collect taxes. In order to set your taxes to a certain country, you can choose the corresponding location in your settings. 
There is an option for enabling and disabling taxes on your settings page. 
 If the collect taxes setting is disabled then Really Simple Payments will charge a flat amount.

To connect your payment options with Stripe, you must connect Groundhogg with your Stripe account. 

The Stripe settings contain your Stripe Test Key and Live Key, which you can access from your Stripe account.  

Test Keys are used when test mode is enabled from the settings area.

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