Really Simple Payments: Payments and refunds

Groundhogg provides the functionality to administer your payments and subscriptions from your admin area. These tabs provide advanced search functionalities which makes finding a specific transaction easier for the admins.

Payments and Refund

The payments tab displays all the payments collected by Groundhogg's Really Simple Payments. This payment section displays various details of payments like the status of payment, the amount charged, and the type of charge. 
This section also provides the functionality to export a list of payments. Payment can fall into one of the four categories described below.

Complete: Payments go into this state when the one-time charge of a payment is completed successfully.

Renewal: Payments go into this state when the subscription charge is charged successfully by Stipe.
Refunded: Payments go into this state when the transaction is refunded. This status is only updated if the transaction is refunded from Really Simple Payments.
Failed: Payments go into this state when Stripe has failed to charge the subscription payment successfully.

By clicking on the View button next to any payment, admins can access all the details available for the payment.  The admin can also refund payments on this menu as well.

This page displays a detailed description of the payment with the ID and links. 

For one-time payments, only one action will become available to the user when viewing this payment, which will be the refund option. 

However, for subscriptions, two actions become available for both refunds and the cancellation of a subscription

Apart from that, you can go directly to your Stripe account to manage your transaction by clicking on the Transaction ID.

Subscription and Refunds

The subscription module is an integral part of Really Simple Payments. You can view a list of all the subscriptions and status of the subscriptions. Subscriptions contain three different statuses which are explained below.

Active: Subscriptions go into this state when a recurring payment is accruing and the user is using the product successfully.
Cancelled:  Subscriptions go into this state when a subscription is cancelled by the user or admin.
Trialling: Subscriptions go into this state when users are still in a free trial period of the subscription.
Admins can access the advanced view of the subscription by clicking on the view button next to the subscription.
An advanced view of the subscription provides full details about the subscription. Here, admins can see details of the user as well as subscription and amount getting charge during each recurring payment. 
The admin can also view subscriptions inside their Stripe account by clicking on the subscription link. 
Subscription views also provide two different actions that the admin can take. 
 "Cancelling the Subscription" and "Refund All Transaction & Cancel Subscription"
*Subscriptions can only be edited if using Stripe, on the Stripe platform. PayPal can not be adjusted. 
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