Really Simple Payments: Collecting PayPal payments

Using Groundhogg's really simple payments (which is also included in the plus plan or above) now users will be able to collect payments using PayPal.

With the plugin update, you can see a new section in the settings area of your Really Simple Payments plugin. These settings are used to configure PayPal payment

To configure settings you need to enter your business PayPal email and all the API details to manage all the payments and subscriptions.

To get your API credentials Go to the Account Settings page and then select Account access. Here you can see API access field click on update.

On the next page find NVP/SOAP API integration and open link. On this page, you will find your account details which you need to enter in your Groundhogg settings area.

You can use your send box account to test the really simple payment. For that, you need to enable test mode. You can do that by clicking Test mode under the stripe section.

NOTE: Really Simple Payments uses PayPal's IPN notifications to update the status of payments and Subscriptions and IPN notifications are not instant. thus it might take some time to update the status of transactions.

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