Contact marketability explained

Contacts can either be Marketable, or Unmarketable. These two states are a reflection of several criteria that factor in a contact's activity, metadata, and your site's level of compliance.

How marketability is determined?

Use the table below to see how marketability is determined.

Status Marketable
⮑ If  Only send to confirmed emails is enabled
✅  if the contact's date of creation is within the number of days set in the Email confirmation grace period setting, otherwise ❌.
⮑ If Enable GDPR features and Do not send email without consent are enabled
✅ if the contact has agreed to data processing and marketing consent, otherwise ❌.
⮑ If  Enable GDPR features and Do not send email without consent are enabled ✅ if the contact has agreed to data processing and marketing consent, otherwise ❌.

Using ZeroBounce?

If you are using the ZeroBounce integration, the ZeroBounce status can also impact a users marketability.

Any ZeroBounce status selected in the ZeroBounce settings will render the contact Unmarketable regardless of their prior marketability.

How can marketability be changed?

Admins can change the marketability of contacts in several ways.

  • Changing a site's level of compliance
  • Manually changing the optin status of a contact
    • GDPR consent can only be set during contact creation.
  • Importing a list of contacts with their optin status

Contacts can control their marketability by...

  • Unsubscribing
  • Revoking GDPR consent (if enabled) through the preferences center
  • Confirming their email through a confirmation link

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