WooCommerce: Compliance

If you use our WooCommerce integration then you may want to allow your customers to receive emails from you (or not). We offer that with our integration and here is how to turn that on.

When you have both WooCommerce and our integration active, you can go into the Groundhogg settings then you want to go into the Compliance tab.

In the Groundhogg compliance settings, a red arrow is pointing towards the compliance tab name and the privacy policy and terms and conditions boxes are blacked out

At the bottom there will be a WooCommerce area, the last one being Require marketing consent at checkout, which is the one you want to check.

If you want to change what the checkbox text says that can be changed in the text area to the right of Marketing consent checkbox text. You can change that text to whatever you want, we would advise consulting legal advice before changing the text too much.

After you have made the changes you want, make sure to hit save.

Under the WooCommerce heading there is one line for the text of the marketing consent checkbox, and another to require marketing consent at checkbox.

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