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  • Cron Setup

    Under Tools > Cron Setup is a wizard to help you get your Cron Jobs up and running. Click [ Get Started ] It's recommended to click the [ Install Automatically! ] button.A file named gh-cron.php will

  • Why Do I Need To Create An External Cron Job?

    Wondering why you need to create an external cron job? What is Cron? Cron is what performs scheduled tasks in the backend of your site, like... Sending emails or processing funnels Publishing

  • AWS Integration: How to set up AWS Cron for better performance

    You can set up something we can AWS Cron to improve the overall speed and performance of your site. First, navigate to Groundhogg > AWS (SES & SNS) > Advanced Setup in your WordPress site. Once there

  • Add an external cron-job:

    Using an external cron-job service like is the easiest solution to creating cron-jobs quickly. Are you hosted on SiteGround? no longer works for SiteGround, please use the

  • What cron-jobs must be created for Groundhogg?

    You may be confused about Cron Jobs, which is understandable as they are a tricky subject sometimes. So in this article, I will tell you the ones which are essential, and some optional ones as well

  • Add a server cron-job: Cpanel

    If you have access to Cpanel through your hosting account you can create a server-based cron job really quickly. Don't have access to Cpanel? If you do not have access to Cpanel, consider using an

  • Add an external cron-job: SiteGround

    If you are using SiteGround, the best way to set up a cron job is through the SiteGround cron manager. Create an external cron job on SiteGround Go to the account you want to manage in SiteGround and

  • Add a server cron-job: Kinsta

    If you are using Kinsta for hosting your website there are two ways to set up a cron-job for your website. First you need to run through the Groundhogg cron setup to make sure the files are put in

  • Add an server cron-job: Cloudways

    If you are using Cloudways, the best way to set up a cron job is through the Cloudways cron manager. Create an external cron job on Cloudways After logging in to Cloudways, go to Applications. Select

  • What to do if the gh-cron is not verifying?

    If you are unable to verify the Groundhogg cron job gh-cron.php then you will have to rely on the WordPress cron wp-cron.php. This is not a big deal but will result in a slight performance hit on

  • Add an external cron-job: Windows Server

    Windows calls their time-based scheduling system the "Task Scheduler." It can be accessed via the Administrative Tools in the control panel. How you set up the task varies with the server setup. One

  • When sending a Broadcast only some emails are sending

    With the release of Groundhogg 3.0, Broadcasts are scheduled in the background using WordPress Cron. This is different than the gh-cron.php . If WordPress cron is not running, then the broadcasts

  • AWS Integration: Troubleshooting SES

    If you are experiencing errors sending emails with AWS there could be a couple of reasons as to why. Your Account is in Sandbox Mode. Your AWS SES account may be in Sandbox mode. You can request for

  • Add an external cron-job: Mac OSX and Linux

    If you are using Mac or Linux operating systems then you can access the Cron Job scheduler using the following command. crontab -e This system uses specific syntax to schedule Cron Job. Use the

  • What To Do If Events Are Stuck Waiting

    If events are stuck in the Waiting Status it can be caused by a couple of things. Your Cron Job is not active. The most likely reason is your cron job is no longer active, to solve this follow the

  • Reset

    Under Tools > Misc > Reset Do you need to start over? Remove the data stored in Groundhogg, use this Reset utility. We recommend you backup Groundhogg, just in case you need the data before using

  • How to disable the built-in WP-Cron system

    To experience the best Groundhogg and WP performance, you need to disable the built-in WP-Cron system. To disable WP-Cron, add the following to your wp-config.php file, just before the line that says

  • Why Are My Emails Not Sending?

    There can be various reasons why your emails are not sending. Listed below are some of the most common problems and how to solve them. Did you set up your Cron job? Email in Groundhogg is sent based

  • Why are my emails stuck in "pending?"

    If your emails are stuck in the pending status it's because you have failed to create a cronjob, or you set up your cronjob incorrectly. To solve this, follow the instructions in these articles:

  • Booking Calendar: How to Sync Google Calendar

    Please follow the step below to configure two-way sync with Google Calendar. Navigate to the calendar you want to sync, then go Integration, then click connect to another Google account. After you

  • Caching Compatibility

    If you have a caching plugin (please only use one at a time) or any sort of system caching on your website or may notice Groundhogg not quite working as well and as quickly as you had hoped. There

  • Cloudflare Compatibility

    If you are using Cloudflare, you must make several tweaks so that Groundhogg and other highly dynamic WordPress plugins work as expected. Set Max Browser Cache TTL The max TTL is, "the amount of time

  • Settings

    Groundhogg has a "settings" tab located at Groundhogg > Settings The Settings page by default comes with eight tabs( General, Compliance, Email, Tags, API, Integrations, Misc, Licenses) Additional

  • Google Calendar Sync Explained

    Groundhogg Booking Calendar is one of the advanced enhancements to your Groundhogg account. Using the calendar, admins can enable appointment bookings for their site. Booking Calendar is packed with

  • How Fast Are My Emails Sent?

    If you are concerned about the speed of your emails sending to your customer the best way to put you at ease is to know the facts. Let's talk about how emails are sent! What's the event queue? You