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  • Caching Compatibility

    If you have a caching plugin/system enabled on your site there are a few things you will need to do in order to ensure Groundhogg works properly. Exclude Cookies Sometimes caching systems will cache

  • Refactored Optin Status - 2020-02-12

    In version 2.1.13 of Groundhogg, the contact optin status integer value is being refactored. Beyond 2.1.13, the optin_status will be a value between 1 and 8, rather than the old 0 and 7. This is

  • Authentication

    The Groundhogg REST API may only be accessed by URL with appropriate authentication. This authentication is accomplished by passing an API key and token in the header with the appropriate header

  • Parallel queue processing.

    If you are sending 100,000s of emails a single instance of the queue processing events 1 by 1 may not suffice as it would take hours for all your emails to be sent. If your in this situation follow