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  • Create Zap Triggers

    One you have your zap action ready in your funnel it's time to create a Zap. To create Zap you need to login in your Zapier account( Click Here to Login ). You can create a Zap by clicking on the

  • Zap Action

    Zapier works in trigger -> action pairs. The action specifies what to do with the retrieved data. There is a large number of apps to choose from, but for the sake of this example, we are going to

  • Zap Listener

    The Zap Listener is a benchmark that can listen for POSTS from Zapier to your site which contains contact information. You can place a Zap Listener anywhere in your funnel, but if the contact does

  • Create Users From Contacts

    If you want to create user accounts for your contacts in bulk, you can do so by going to Groundhogg > Tools > Create users. Select which users you want to create accounts for based on the tag

  • Create a Web Form

    You can use Web Forms to collect contact information and start funnels. This is generally the most common tool to capture contact data. Groundhogg has a simple built-in form builder that will serve

  • Create SendGrid Webhook Event Listener

    SendGrid can send events to your WordPress site which will inform Groundhogg if an email bounced or was marked as spam so that Groundhogg will no longer send emails to problematic contacts. The

  • REST / Tags / Create

    URI POST /wp-json/gh/v3/tags Method This endpoint supports the POST method. Request You can create single or multiple tags using this endpoint. PARAM TYPE REQUIRED DESCRIPTION tags array yes Tag

  • REST / Contact / Create

    URI POST /wp-json/gh/v3/contacts Method This endpoint supports the POST method Request You can pass any relevant contact arguments to the contacts endpoint plus additional metadata. PARAM TYPE

  • Getting Started with Zapier Integration

    Groundhogg has the power to connect with Zapier which can connect you to 1000+ services and give you the power to automate more than just your email marketing funnels. Users of Groundhogg can

  • Why Do I Need To Create An External Cron Job?

    Wondering why you need to create an external cron job? What is CRON? Cron is what performs scheduled tasks in the backend of your site, like... Sending emails or processing funnels Publishing

  • Creating Custom Benchmark

    Groundhogg provides an extensive set of Benchmarks to listen for special website events that launch automated workflows in the funnel builder. But sometimes you need to do something a little special.

  • Creating Custom Action

    Actions play a vital role in automated funnels. Actions are executed after any benchmarks are completed by contact and perform a series of steps on the server-side to move forward with an automated

  • Creating IAM Credentials

    To use the AWS integration you must generate IAM credentials. 1. open the IAM tool in the AWS Console 2. Go to Users 3. Add a new user 4. Give the user a name, for example, Groundhogg and select

  • Introduction to Awesome Support

    Awesome Support is the most versatile and feature-rich support plugin for WordPress. It is the only helpdesk and support ticketing plugin that can match the feature set of a SAAS solution such as

  • Creating PayPal Test Account

    If you want to test really simple payment you can do that using the test account of PayPal. If you already have a Paypal account then you can skip this step and move to the next one. if you don't

  • Creating Lead Distribution Funnels

    Does your organization have more than one department or multiple salespeople? Would you like to be able to have more control over who your notification emails are going to? Try following this Lead

  • groundhogg/form/submission_handler/before_create_contact

    This hook is used to handle the data before contact is created by the groundhogg. do_action( 'groundhogg/form/submission_handler/before_create_contact', $args, $meta, $tags, $files, $this ); This

  • Creating a new contact record

    Creating a contact is really easy, you can create new \Groundhogg\Contact objects on the fly by passing in an array of parameters. Duplicates will be avoided. $first_name = $_POst[ 'first' ]; $email

  • Creating Custom form For Booking Calendar

    Groundhogg Booking Calendar provides functionality to create a custom form that the user needs to fill while booking an appointment. Booking Calendar uses the Groundhogg form to achieve this task.

  • Adding HTML Columns Inside Emails

    Sometimes the in-built elements of Groundhogg are not enough for creating the wondrous emails you want to create. That’s why Groundhogg comes with an HTML editor which users can use to edit the HTML

  • Add an External Cron Job:

    Adding an external Cron Job on is the easiest solution, especially if you do not have CPANEL with your hosting account. 1. Sign Up for an Account. Create an Account. Once you’ve created

  • Introduction to Conditional Logic

    The Conditional Logic extension allows you to run or skip steps within a funnel depending on whether the contact meets certain criteria. Groundhogg conditional logic runs based on the tags and custom

  • Introduction to Sales Pipeline

    The Sales Pipeline is the ultimate tool to kick your sales team into high gear with sales automation. It allows you to easily manage your leads manually or automatically with Groundhogg. You can

  • Why Is My Login Information Not Working?

    The Groundhogg Academy Site ( is actually a different site than the main site ( You may need to create a new account so that you can

  • Mapping Data To Custom Fields

    When you have Advanced Custom Meta Fields active, and custom fields you create will now appear in the field mapping API dropdown! This will allow you to map data from CSV files, form integrations,

  • Adding Webhook Manually

    When a user installs Really Simple Payments and tries to connect with Stripe, Groundhogg tries to create a webhook for Stripe and subscribes to it when user access keys are added inside Really Simple

  • How to Connect the Divi Optin Module

    To connect the Divi optin module you must use tags. Follow these steps to connect to the Divi optin module. Connect Didiv to Groundhogg There are several steps to connect Groundhogg to the optin

  • Introduction to Contacts Birthday

    Wishing a Happy Birthday to your clients opens up a new possibility for the business and Groundhogg has got you covered with the Contacts Birthday plugin. Groundhogg's contact plugin can be used to

  • Introduction to Twilio

    Groundhogg focuses on both SMS and email marking. The Groundhogg- Twilio add-on is a plugin that lets you send SMS using Twilio services. This documentation will help you to set up your

  • Introduction To SMS77

    Groundhogg focuses on both SMS and email marketing. The Groundhogg SMS77 add-on is a plugin that lets you send messages using services. This documentation will help you to set up your

  • Importing Contacts with Their Opt-in Status

    By default, when you import a list for the first time their opt-in status will be "Unconfirmed." Depending on where you are in the world this can mean you may or may not be able to send emails to the

  • Introduction to Social Proof

    Social Proof is one of the easiest ways to increase conversion rates on your lead capture pages. Groundhogg provides a Social Proof extension that displays actions done by the previous users.

  • Troubleshooting SES

    If you are experiencing errors sending emails with AWS there could be a couple of reasons as to why. Your Account is in Sandbox Mode. Your AWS SES account may be in SandBox mode. You can request for

  • Introduction to Groundhoggs Custom Extension

    Funnel elements are what makes magic happen in Groundhogg. We have thoughtfully designed a methodology for implementing custom actions & benchmarks which you can find below. To see example

  • How Do I Provide Support Admin Access?

    If you have an ongoing technical support ticket, you may be asked to provide administrative access to the support team so that we can troubleshoot your issue. Why do we need admin access? Our support

  • How To Connect MailHawk

    MailHawk is a new email sending service specifically designed to deliver WordPress email to the inbox. MailHawk is perfect for sending... All Groundhogg emails Password reset emails Woocommerce

  • Introduction to Advanced Custom Meta Fields

    Groundhogg uses metadata to store various information about contacts and up until now, all the user-specific metadata was stored under the general section. To organize all the user data nicely,

  • Zoom Integration

    Groundhogg’s Booking Calendar provides a complete solution for appointment booking using your WordPress website. Integrating with Zoom provides remote conferencing services using cloud computing and

  • How To Use Superlinks

    Superlinks are a helpful tool for filling in automation gaps based on subscriber interaction with your content. Essentially, they allow you to add tags to a contact record when that contact clicks a

  • groundhogg/admin/{slug}/display/{current_action}

    This is used to add custom actions inside groundhogg admin area. This hook accepts the slug of the page and current action for which users are writing handlers.

  • How To Connect Groundhogg On Two Different Sites

    Sometimes you will want to have Groundhogg installed on separate sites. For example, a subsite for your LMS (LearnDash, LifterLMS) and your main site for marketing and eCommerce. There is an

  • How to Setup a Lead Magnet Download Funnel in 7 Steps

    A Lead Magnet is a great way to turn cold traffic into warm traffic (traffic that spends money). By providing value ahead of asking for a deep commitment, you take the first step in the customer

  • Introduction To Content Restriction

    In marketing, some pages are designed for a specific audience. Due to this, Groundhogg provides the functionality to stop users from viewing certain pages. In order to do this, you can download

  • Introduction to Groundhogg

    If you are already familiar with CRMs and marketing automation then many of these terms may already be familiar. If not, then this article will get you up to speed on what you need to know about

  • Connect To Elastic Email Using Email API

    Do you use SMTP to send your email? SMTP is an old and slow protocol for delivering email. If you use Elastic Email to send emails you can now easily make use of their REST API to deliver your email

  • Introduction to Custom Replacement Codes

    Groundhogg provides the functionality to use replacement codes. Instead of users being dependent on using built-in replacement code, Groundhogg users are able to create their own replacement codes by

  • How to Sync Users with Contacts

    If you are implementing Groundhogg into an existing site, you may want to create contact records for your existing users on the site. For example, if you had a WooCommerce store and users, as a

  • Introduction to Amazon Integration

    Groundhogg is an extraordinary sales and marking automation tool for the WordPress platform. Here at Groundhogg, we believe marketing and automation tools shouldn’t be expansive and for that, we have

  • Preventing Spam in Web Forms with Google reCaptcha

    If you are experiencing a lot of spam coming through your web forms you can use Google reCaptcha to prevent bots from spamming your forms. How to Setup Google reCaptcha 1. Get your reCaptcha keys

  • Introduction To BuddyBoss

    BuddyBoss is a great membership and community platform used by thousands to manage their members and content. You can now combine the power of BuddyBoss and Groundhogg to segment your members and