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  • Contact - Searching Contacts

    Users can search for specific contact details by adding the argument “q” while making a request. Apart from that users can also add an array of query arguments while making a request to filter

  • Create Users From Contacts

    If you want to create user accounts for your contacts in bulk, you can do so by going to Groundhogg > Tools > Create users. Select which users you want to create accounts for based on the tag

  • How to Import Confirmed Contacts

    If you are importing a list of contacts you have previously confirmed during an import, you can select the option to verify that the list you are importing has been previously confirmed. Once the

  • Why are My Contacts Unmarketable?

    What does Marketable/Unmarketable Mean? In Groundhogg, a contact can either be Marketable or Unmarketable. An Unmarktable contact will NOT receive any marketing from Groundhogg, while a Marketable

  • How to Search for Contacts

    Need to find a contact or group of contacts? Here is how you can search for them. Advanced Search You can perform an advanced search with multiple criteria by clicking on the search action at the top

  • How to Sync Users with Contacts

    If you are implementing Groundhogg into an existing site, you may want to create contact records for your existing users on the site. For example, if you had a WooCommerce store and users, as a

  • Importing Contacts with Their Opt-in Status

    By default, when you import a list for the first time their opt-in status will be "Unconfirmed." Depending on where you are in the world this can mean you may or may not be able to send emails to the

  • How to Add Contacts to a Funnel

    If you want to add contacts to a funnel in bulk, follow these steps. 1. Go to the editing view of the funnel Go to the funnel you want to add the contacts to and open it in editing mode. 2. Click the

  • How do I export my list?

    From the Contacts Screen To export your contacts go to your contacts screen and search for your desired contacts. Next to the bulk actions, there will be a button to export your desired list. Once

  • Contact - Editing Contact

    Using Groundhogg's contact API you can update the existing contacts by making PUT/PATCH request to the contact API. To update details of contact the id_or_email is required argument. So you need to

  • Contact - Deleting Contact

    You can remove existing contact form Groundhogg's contact database by making a DELETE HTTP request along with valid headers. it requires the id_or_email parameter as an argument. you can pass the id

  • Contact - Listing Contact

    Groundhogg provides the /contacts/ endpoint. The contacts endpoint allows users to query the contact table inside the database and let you perform operations on contacts. This endpoint supports GET,

  • Contact - Creating Contact

    The POST method is used to create new contacts inside Groundhogg. In order to successfully create a contact, you need to send a JSON body with a specific structure as well as with the authentication

  • groundhogg/admin/contacts/add/form/tags

    This hook is used to add custom code after the segmentation section of the contact on the add contact page. do_action( 'groundhogg/admin/contacts/add/form/tags' );

  • groundhogg/admin/contacts/add/form/name

    This hook is used to add custom code after the name section of contact on the add contact page. do_action( 'groundhogg/admin/contacts/add/form/name' );

  • groundhogg/admin/contacts/add/form/after

    This hook is used to add extra code after the add contact from. do_action( 'groundhogg/admin/contacts/add/form/after' );

  • groundhogg/admin/contacts/add/form/notes

    This hook is used to add custom code in the Notes section of the contact on the add contact page. do_action( 'groundhogg/admin/contacts/add/form/notes' );

  • groundhogg/admin/contacts/add/form/contact_info

    This hook is used to add custom code after the contact info section of contact on the add contact page. do_action( 'groundhogg/admin/contacts/add/form/contact_info' );

  • How to export a Funnel.

    One of the unique features of Groundhogg is the ability to easily export and share your funnels between sites. Direct export. To export your funnel, go to the main funnels list and hover over the

  • [gh_contact] Shortcode

    This shortcode allows you to merge contact data into your content. This code works on a per-field basis, and you can also pass a default parameter in the event that the field doesn’t exist.

  • [gh_is_contact] Shortcode

    You can use this shortcode to conditionally display content that is dependent on if the current site visitor is a contact. [gh_is_contact] Show this content if the visitor is a

  • groundhogg/contact/note/added

    This Groundhogg hook executes when any note is added to the contact. do_action( 'groundhogg/contact/note/added', $this->ID, $note, $this ); This hook comes with three argument contact_id: This is the

  • groundhogg/contact/preferences/updated

    This hook executes when the contact's preference is changed. do_action( 'groundhogg/contact/preferences/updated', $this->ID, $preference, $old_preference ); This hook comes with three arguments which

  • groundhogg/contact/tag_removed

    This hook executes when the tag is removed from the contact. do_action( 'groundhogg/contact/tag_removed', $this, $tag_id ); This operation provides two arguments which are The object of contact and

  • groundhogg/contact/preferences/unsubscribed

    This hook executes when the contact changes its preference to unsubscribed. do_action( 'groundhogg/contact/preferences/unsubscribed', $this->ID, $preference, $old_preference ); This hook comes with

  • Contact - Tag Management

    Groundhogg API provides two different endpoints to manage Tags. You can manage tags using /contacts/ endpoint or you can manage tags using /tags/ endpoint. List Contact Tags You can list all the tags

  • [gh_is_not_contact] Shortcode

    You can use this shortcode to conditionally display content if the current visitor is not a contact. [gh_is_not_contact] Show this content if the visitor is not a contact.[/gh_is_not_contact]

  • Adding custom contact table columns

    This code is used to add the custom column inside Groundhogg's contact Table. <?php add_action( 'groundhogg_contact_columns', 'add_my_custom_column' ); function add_my_custom_column( $cols ){ $cols[

  • How to connect the Divi contact form

    To connect the Divi contact form, simply insert the Divi Contact form benchmark in any funnel. This will work for any Divi contact form on your site.

  • groundhogg/form/submission_handler/before_create_contact

    This hook is used to handle the data before contact is created by the groundhogg. do_action( 'groundhogg/form/submission_handler/before_create_contact', $args, $meta, $tags, $files, $this ); This

  • Adding custom tabs and fields to the contact screen

    it’s very easy to add custom tabs and fields to the contact screen using the plugins API and the contact meta DB. See it on GitHub >>

  • Dashboard Reporting

    Groundhogg provides a variety of reports for you to view and use to optimize your marketing. The "High-level overview" is provided in the main WordPress dashboard. Included reports: Last Broadcast

  • Opt-in Status Definitions

    New to compliance and the idea of an opt-in status? Here are some definitions to get you up to speed. Unconfirmed When a contact is unconfirmed it means that they have opted into Groundhogg but has

  • How Do I Import My List?

    If you are coming from another CRM (or maybe your excel sheet) you may already have a list of contacts. You can add this list into Groundhogg easily. Step 1 Make sure you have a valid CSV file

  • How to Import GDPR Consent

    If you are importing your list and have previously collected GDPR consent, you will want to carry that consent forward into Groundhogg. Add a column to your CSV file called gdpr_consent. For the

  • How to Remain Compliant with GDPR

    In an effort to protect the privacy of its citizens at home and worldwide, any business that collects the contact information of European citizens, regardless of geographical location MUST comply

  • What are Optin Status Tags?

    What are they? Optin status tags are an easy way to reference a group of contacts with a certain optin status. These tags are set automatically upon installation, but you can change them if need be.

  • How to Remain Compliant with CASL

    CASL, a.k.a the Canadian anti-spam legislation, is a Canadian legislation aimed at reducing the amount of spam in Canadian inboxes. Non-compliant businesses may be subject to fines from the CRTC

  • Funnel Reporting

    To view the results of a funnel you can enter into the "Reporting" view. This will show you a detailed breakdown of everything that is happening in your funnel. To enter the reporting view, start

  • Replacement Codes

    The Groundhogg-Woocommerce add-on contains two different replacement codes that you can use to send discount codes to contacts. wc_percent_discount: Generate a single-use percentage coupon code for

  • Introduction to Groundhogg

    If you are already familiar with CRMs and marketing automation then many of these terms may already be familiar. If not, then this article will get you up to speed on what you need to know about

  • groundhogg/form/submission_handler/after

    This Groundhogg hook executes after the Submission handler successfully handled the submission request. do_action( 'groundhogg/form/submission_handler/after', $submission, $contact, $this ); This

  • Benchmarks

    Woocommerce comes with four benchmarks that are used to automate funnels and send automated emails based on your contacts' actions. Download purchased: This benchmark executes when the user

  • Benchmarks

    Easy Digital downloads come with four new benchmarks. These benchmarks are used to automate funnels and send automated emails based on the contacts actions. Download purchased: This benchmark

  • [gh_does_not_have_tags] Shortcode

    This shortcode can be used to display content if the contact does not have the tags provided to the shortcode. [gh_does_not_have_tags tags="1,2,3"] Show this content if the visitor does not have the

  • [gh_has_tags] Shortcode

    You can use this shortcode to display content that is dependent on whether the current visitor has specific tags. Pass one or more tag IDs to the shortcode. <code>[gh_has_tags tags="1,2,3"] Show this

  • Introduction to field mapping

    The field mapping API allows you to map fields between your product and ours very quickly and generate or update contact records without touching the DB. To retrieve all the fields which can be

  • Getting Started

    Groundhogg provides a RESTful API that allows users to retrieve data remotely using a JSON format. Using the RESTful API users can manage contacts, emails, SMS and tags remotely. By default,

  • Replacement Codes

    This plugin contains six different replacement codes that can be used to send personalized rates and discount codes to specific contacts using Groundhogg's Email Automation. edd_percent_discount:

  • Getting Started with Zapier Integration

    Groundhogg has the power to connect with Zapier which can connect you to 1000+ services and give you the power to automate more than just your email marketing funnels. Users of Groundhogg can