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  • Introduction to AffiliateWP

    AffiliateWP is an easy-to-use, reliable WordPress plugin that gives you the affiliate marketing tools you need to grow your business and make more money. Using Groundhogg you can run automation for

  • Introduction to Awesome Support

    Awesome Support is the most versatile and feature-rich support plugin for WordPress. It is the only helpdesk and support ticketing plugin that can match the feature set of a SAAS solution such as

  • Collecting PayPal payments

    Using Groundhoggs really simple payments now users will be able to collect payments using PayPal. With the plugin update, you can see a new section in the settings area of your RSP plugin. These

  • Opt-in Status Definitions

    New to compliance and the idea of an opt-in status? Here are some definitions to get you up to speed. Unconfirmed When a contact is unconfirmed it means that they have opted into Groundhogg but has

  • How to Install and License an Extension

    Just purchased an extension or a Premium Plan? Follow these steps to install and license your purchases in Groundhogg. Purchase a Plan or Extension First, you will need to get a license key for one

  • How To Connect MailHawk

    MailHawk is a new email sending service specifically designed to deliver WordPress email to the inbox. MailHawk is perfect for sending... All Groundhogg emails Password reset emails Woocommerce

  • Appointment Notification

    The Groundhogg Booking calendar sends a notification when a contact interacts with the appointments. There are two types of notifications. Contact Notification Admin Notification Contact Notification

  • Zap Listener

    The Zap Listener is a benchmark that can listen for POSTS from Zapier to your site which contains contact information. You can place a Zap Listener anywhere in your funnel, but if the contact does

  • Adding Webhook Manually

    When a user installs Really Simple Payments and tries to connect with Stripe, Groundhogg tries to create a webhook for Stripe and subscribes to it when user access keys are added inside Really Simple

  • Introduction To ZeroBounce

    Delivering emails inside the client's primary inbox is a hard task as it relies upon various elements, including maintaining a good server reputation. To maintain your server reputation it is

  • Introduction to WooCommerce

    Woocommerce is a Top Tier eCommerce solution that currently powers over 30% of all eCommerce sites across the globe. Groundhogg provides direct integration with Woocommerce. You can download the

  • Setting up Payments

    Really Simple Payments is packed with custom benchmarks that you can access from the funnel builder. These benchmarks are used to create a payment form that will allow the admin to collect payments

  • How Fast Are My Emails Sent?

    If you are concerned about the speed of your emails sending to your customer the best way to put you at ease is to know the facts. Let's talk about how emails are sent! What's the event queue? You

  • Parallel queue processing.

    If you are sending 100,000s of emails a single instance of the queue processing events 1 by 1 may not suffice as it would take hours for all your emails to be sent. If you're in this situation follow

  • Introduction to Companies

    The Groundhogg Companies plugin provides a solution for customers who prefer doing business with companies as opposed to individuals. This plugin is used to store information about these companies.

  • Creating Lead Distribution Funnels

    Does your organization have more than one department or multiple salespeople? Would you like to be able to have more control over who your notification emails are going to? Try following this Lead

  • How To Connect Groundhogg On Two Different Sites

    Sometimes you will want to have Groundhogg installed on separate sites. For example, a subsite for your LMS (LearnDash, LifterLMS) and your main site for marketing and eCommerce. There is an

  • Introduction To Webhooks

    Groundhogg provides webhooks which you can use to communicate with other software or instances where Groundhogg is located on another website. Groundhogg webhooks are included in the advanced Feature

  • groundhogg/admin/{slug}/display/{current_action}

    This is used to add custom actions inside groundhogg admin area. This hook accepts the slug of the page and current action for which users are writing handlers.

  • groundhogg/admin/{slug}/{current_tab}

    This hook is used to add custom code in the tab layout page. This hook accepts the current tab value in tab thus users will be able to display custom code for a specific tab on the page. do_action(

  • Adding custom contact table columns

    This code is used to add the custom column inside Groundhogg's contact Table. <?php add_action( 'groundhogg_contact_columns', 'add_my_custom_column' ); function add_my_custom_column( $cols ){ $cols[

  • Adding custom tabs and fields to the contact screen

    it’s very easy to add custom tabs and fields to the contact screen using the plugins API and the contact meta DB. See it on GitHub >>

  • groundhogg/updater/{updater_name}/finished

    This action hook is used to run a block of code when Groundhogg is updated to a new version. do_action( "groundhogg/updater/{$this->get_updater_name()}/finished" );

  • groundhogg/admin/{slug}/before

    this hook used to add content to display on the admin page of the specific page at the top of the page. This hook accepts the slug of the page for unique identification.

  • groundhogg/admin/{slug}/after

    this hook used to add content to display on the admin page of the specific page at the end of the page. This hook accepts the slug of the page for unique identification.

  • groundhogg/admin/{slug}

    This hook is used to add custom code on the top of the admin pages when pages are using tab page architecture. do_action( "groundhogg/admin/{$this->get_slug()}", $this ); This hook comes with an

  • groundhogg/{object_type}/post_update

    This hook is one of the core hooks of groundhogg. This hook is executed when an updated operation completed. This hook accepts object type in it so it will run for that specific object only.

  • groundhogg/{object_type}/pre_update

    This hook is one of the core hooks of groundhogg. This hook is executed before the update operation in the database. This hook accepts object type in it so it will run for that specific object only.

  • How To Answer Questions When Moving From SES Sandbox To Production

    AWS asks a few questions when requesting to be moved from Sandbox to Production mode for your SES account. Answering these questions wrong will result in a rejection from AWS. Here are some template

  • Introduction To LearnDash

    LearnDash is a top tier LMS plugin that allows you to turn your WordPress website into a learning portal for your customers. With our LearnDash integration, you will be able to make it even MORE

  • Why are My Contacts Unmarketable?

    What does Marketable/Unmarketable Mean? In Groundhogg, a contact can either be Marketable or Unmarketable. An Unmarktable contact will NOT receive any marketing from Groundhogg, while a Marketable

  • Adding a tag on an action

    The easiest way to trigger custom events from other plugins in the funnel builder is to add a tag whenever an action is completed. This acts as a super easy alternative to creating a custom

  • Introduction to field mapping

    The field mapping API allows you to map fields between your product and ours very quickly and generate or update contact records without touching the DB. To retrieve all the fields which can be

  • Payments and Refunds

    Groundhogg provides the functionality to administer your payments and subscriptions from your admin area. These tabs provide advance search functionalities which makes finding a specific transaction

  • Calendar Settings

    Groundhogg Booking Calendar provides various settings that allow calendar owners to manage their appointments efficiently and with ease. General Settings Booking Calendar contains distinct setting