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  • Why are Emails Going to Spam?

    Email is a tricky business. Email service providers like Gmail and Yahoo are constantly tweaking their algorithms to ensure users only see relevant emails in their inbox. Here are some things you can

  • Can I send emails from my hosting account?

    Groundhogg can use your hosting e-mail service for sending emails. However, when setting up you need to be careful that your hosting company allows marketing emails. Here is a very good article

  • Why Are My Emails Not Sending?

    There can be various reasons why your emails are not sending. Listed below are some of the most common problems and how to solve them Do you have an SMTP service? We highly recommend that you use an

  • Replacement Codes With Arguments

    Some codes require an argument to function. For example the {meta} and {date} codes. You can specify an argument using a period . For example. {date.Y-m-d|today} and {meta.lead_source} The code

  • Sending Email with GSuite

    Sending email with GSuite is NOT RECOMMENDED, Gsuite is an excellent mailbox tool, but it is NOT an SMTP service (even though it has one). Problems with GSuite: Poor deliverability, your emails will

  • Getting Started with Zapier Integration

    Groundhogg has the power to connect with Zapier which can connect you to 1000+ services and give you the power to automate more than just your email marketing funnels. Users of Groundhogg can

  • Why Do I Need An SMTP Service?

    What is an SMTP service? An SMTP service is like a gateway. You send an email to this service and then they take care of delivering that email to the recipient. The SMTP service provides credibility

  • How to Sync Users with Contacts

    If you are implementing Groundhogg into an existing site, you may want to create contact records for your existing users on the site. For example, if you had a WooCommerce store and users, as a

  • How to Remain Compliant with CASL

    CASL, a.k.a the Canadian anti-spam legislation, is a Canadian legislation aimed at reducing the amount of spam in Canadian inboxes. Non-compliant businesses may be subject to fines from the CRTC

  • How to Remain Compliant with GDPR

    In an effort to protect the privacy of its citizens at home and worldwide, any business that collects the contact information of European citizens, regardless of geographical location MUST comply

  • Importing Contacts with Their Opt-in Status

    By default, when you import a list for the first time their opt-in status will be "Unconfirmed." Depending on where you are in the world this can mean you may or may not be able to send emails to the

  • Bounce & Complaint Management with AWS SES

    The AWS integration will collect and manage bounces and complaints for you to ensure your sender's reputation remains in good standing with AWS. Setup There is nothing for you to set up as the

  • Connect to SendGrid With The Email API

    Basic SMTP can be slow, so SendGrid has a REST API that can deliver emails much faster! Here is how you use our SendGrid integration to deliver emails via the SendGrid API. Navigate to the Email API

  • How Fast Are My Emails Sent?

    If you are concerned about the speed of your emails sending to your customer the best way to put you at ease is to know the facts. Let's talk about how emails are sent! What's the event queue? You

  • Preventing Spam in Web Forms with Google reCaptcha

    If you are experiencing a lot of spam coming through your web forms you can use Google reCaptcha to prevent bots from spamming your forms. How to Setup Google reCaptcha 1. Get your reCaptcha keys

  • How To Send A Plain Text Version Of An Email

    Email deliverability increases if the emails you send contain a plain-text version of the email. Groundhogg supports this feature by default, and will actually automatically generate plain-text

  • What is the List-Unsubscribe header?

    The List-Unsubscribe header will improve email deliverability as ISPs like Gmail and Outlook will recognize it as an email best practice. In Gmail, if you are a good sender, this will appear in your

  • How To Connect MailHawk

    MailHawk is a new email sending service specifically designed to deliver WordPress email to the inbox. MailHawk is perfect for sending... All Groundhogg emails Password reset emails Woocommerce

  • Introduction To ZeroBounce

    Delivering emails inside the client's primary inbox is a hard task as it relies upon various elements, including maintaining a good server reputation. To maintain your server reputation it is

  • Replacement Codes Without Arguments

    This is the majority of codes, simply copy and paste and you’re off to the races.

  • Google Calendar Sync Explained

    Groundhogg Booking Calendar is one of the advanced enhancements to your Groundhogg account. Using the calendar, admins can enable appointment bookings for their site. Booking Calendar is packed with

  • Using Web Forms As Internal Forms

    All Web Forms can be used as Internal forms as well from within the Admin area. When filling out an internal form as an admin, the information used will create or update an existing contact and add

  • How to Sync Google Calendar

    Please follow the step below to configure two-way sync with Google Calendar. Navigate to the settings page of Groundhogg. On this page, you will be able to view the Google Calendar section at the

  • REST / Emails / Get

    URI GET /wp-json/gh/v3/emails Method This endpoint supports the GET method. Request You can pass the search string to get SMS with that string. PARAM TYPE REQUIRED DESCRIPTION search string no String

  • Rest api Contacts

    Groundhogg provides the /contacts/ endpoint. The contacts endpoint allows users to query the contact table inside the database and let you perform operations on contacts. This endpoint supports GET,

  • Zoom Integration

    Groundhogg’s Booking Calendar provides a complete solution for appointment booking using your WordPress website. Integrating with Zoom provides remote conferencing services using cloud computing and

  • Introduction To Webhooks

    Groundhogg provides webhooks which you can use to communicate with other software or instances where Groundhogg is located on another website. Groundhogg webhooks are included in the advanced Feature

  • REST / Tags / Get

    URI GET /wp-json/gh/v3/tags Method This endpoint supports the GET method. Request You can pass the search string to get SMS with that string. PARAM TYPE REQUIRED DESCRIPTION search string no String

  • REST / SMS / Get

    URI GET /wp-json/gh/v3/sms Method This endpoint supports the GET method. Request You can pass the search string to get SMS with that string. PARAM TYPE REQUIRED DESCRIPTION search string no String to

  • How To Use Superlinks

    Superlinks are a helpful tool for filling in automation gaps based on subscriber interaction with your content. Essentially, they allow you to add tags to a contact record when that contact clicks a

  • How to Change the From Email Address

    While editing an email you can select who the email is coming from by selecting a different user in the From dropdown. If you do not see the email address you want to use in the dropdown, add a new

  • Can I have Groundhogg on a subdomain?

    Yes, you can have Groundhogg on your subdomains. If your subdomains are separate installs of the WordPress application, it is important to know that many of the integrations with other plugins may

  • Introduction to Amazon Integration

    Groundhogg is an extraordinary sales and marking automation tool for the WordPress platform. Here at Groundhogg, we believe marketing and automation tools shouldn’t be expansive and for that, we have

  • Create a Web Form

    You can use Web Forms to collect contact information and start funnels. This is generally the most common tool to capture contact data. Groundhogg has a simple built-in form builder that will serve

  • groundhogg/form/submission_handler/before_create_contact

    This hook is used to handle the data before contact is created by the groundhogg. do_action( 'groundhogg/form/submission_handler/before_create_contact', $args, $meta, $tags, $files, $this ); This

  • Add an External Cron Job:

    Adding an external Cron Job on is the easiest solution, especially if you do not have CPANEL with your hosting account. 1. Sign Up for an Account. Create an Account. Once you’ve created

  • Rest API Authentication

    The Groundhogg REST API may only be accessed by URL with the appropriate authentication. This authentication is accomplished by passing an API key and token in the header with the appropriate header

  • Replacement Codes

    This plugin contains six different replacement codes that can be used to send personalized rates and discount codes to specific contacts using Groundhogg's Email Automation. edd_percent_discount:

  • Appointment Notification

    The Groundhogg Booking calendar sends a notification when a contact interacts with the appointments. There are two types of notifications. Contact Notification Admin Notification Contact Notification

  • How to Search for Contacts

    Need to find a contact or group of contacts? Here is how you can search for them. Advanced Search You can perform an advanced search with multiple criteria by clicking on the search action at the top

  • Introduction to Lead Scoring

    Lead scoring is one of the most effective ways to find your most likely “ready to buy” customers. The largest organizations in the world use lead scoring to determine when it's the right time to send

  • Introduction to Page Visited Benchmark

    Groundhogg provides the page visited benchmark included with the advance feature plugin. This benchmark is executed when the user visits the specifics page and runs automation based on that. Page

  • Adding HTML Columns Inside Emails

    Sometimes the in-built elements of Groundhogg are not enough for creating the wondrous emails you want to create. That’s why Groundhogg comes with an HTML editor which users can use to edit the HTML

  • REST / Contact / Update

    URI PUT|PATCH /wp-json/gh/v3/contacts Method This endpoint supports PUT or PATCH Request To update a contact record you must pass these arguments. PARAM TYPE REQUIRED EXAMPLE id_or_email string|int

  • Introduction to SMTP

    The SMTP extension plugin allows you to use the SMTP server to send emails through Groundhogg. To get started with this service, you need to go to Groundhogg's website and download the SMTP plugin

  • What To Do If Events Are Stuck Waiting

    If events are stuck in the Waiting Status it can be caused by a couple of things. Your Cron Job is not active. The most likely reason is your cron job is no longer active, to solve this follow the

  • Introduction to AffiliateWP

    AffiliateWP is an easy-to-use, reliable WordPress plugin that gives you the affiliate marketing tools you need to grow your business and make more money. Using Groundhogg you can run automation for

  • Introduction to Companies

    The Groundhogg Companies plugin provides a solution for customers who prefer doing business with companies as opposed to individuals. This plugin is used to store information about these companies.

  • Zap Action

    Zapier works in trigger -> action pairs. The action specifies what to do with the retrieved data. There is a large number of apps to choose from, but for the sake of this example, we are going to

  • Introduction to Awesome Support

    Awesome Support is the most versatile and feature-rich support plugin for WordPress. It is the only helpdesk and support ticketing plugin that can match the feature set of a SAAS solution such as