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  • Getting Started with Zapier Integration

    Groundhogg has the power to connect with Zapier which can connect you to 1000+ services and give you the power to automate more than just your email marketing funnels. Users of Groundhogg can

  • Zoom Integration

    Groundhogg’s Booking Calendar provides a complete solution for appointment booking using your WordPress website. Integrating with Zoom provides remote conferencing services using cloud computing and

  • Introduction to ThriveCart Integration

    The ThriveCart integration allows you to listen for requests from ThriveCart to start automation in Groundhogg! 1. Set your ThriveCart Secret Go to you ThriveCart settings and open the API & Webhooks

  • Introduction to Amazon Integration

    Groundhogg is an extraordinary sales and marking automation tool for the WordPress platform. Here at Groundhogg, we believe marketing and automation tools shouldn’t be expansive and for that, we have

  • Setting Up the AWS Integration

    AWS is a powerful service that allows you to send both email and SMS directly from your site. Our integration provides several useful features such as... Send emails through SES Send SMS through SNS

  • Create Zap Triggers

    One you have your zap action ready in your funnel it's time to create a Zap. To create Zap you need to login in your Zapier account( Click Here to Login ). You can create a Zap by clicking on the

  • Zap Listener

    The Zap Listener is a benchmark that can listen for POSTS from Zapier to your site which contains contact information. You can place a Zap Listener anywhere in your funnel, but if the contact does

  • Zap Action

    Zapier works in trigger -> action pairs. The action specifies what to do with the retrieved data. There is a large number of apps to choose from, but for the sake of this example, we are going to

  • Introduction To BuddyBoss

    BuddyBoss is a great membership and community platform used by thousands to manage their members and content. You can now combine the power of BuddyBoss and Groundhogg to segment your members and

  • Introduction eLearnCommerce

    eLearnCommerce is a top tier LMS (Learning Management System) that allows you to turn your WordPress website into a learning portal for your customers. With Groundhogg's eLearnCommerce integration,

  • Connect to SendGrid With The Email API

    Basic SMTP can be slow, so SendGrid has a REST API that can deliver emails much faster! Here is how you use our SendGrid integration to deliver emails via the SendGrid API. Navigate to the Email API

  • Introduction to WP Simple Pay

    WP Simple Pay is a wonderful solution to start collecting payments quickly and easily on your WordPress website. Groundhogg’s WP Simple Pay add -on provides direct integration with WP Simple Pay. You

  • Setting Up Email Bounce Handling

    Groundhogg has a basic system for bounce handling if you send an email to an address that does not exist. Setting up bounce handling is not required if using the AWS SES integration plugin. The

  • Connect SMTP to Sendgrid

    If you are using SendGrid with the SMTP extension please follow these steps. Navigate to the Email API Screen and select SMTP Relay. Enter an API key name (does not have to be anything specific) and

  • Introduction

    Groundhogg Booking Calendar provides immersive appointment booking experiences to your users and provides direct integration with the Groundhogg plugin. Booking Calendar provides two-way google

  • Introduction to WooCommerce

    Woocommerce is a Top Tier eCommerce solution that currently powers over 30% of all eCommerce sites across the globe. Groundhogg provides direct integration with Woocommerce. You can download the

  • Introduction To LifterLMS

    LifterLMS is a top tier LMS plugin that allows you to turn your WordPress website into a learning portal for your customers. With our LifterLMS integration, you will be able to make it even MORE

  • How to Connect the Divi Optin Module

    To connect the Divi optin module you must use tags. Follow these steps to connect to the Divi optin module. Connect Didiv to Groundhogg There are several steps to connect Groundhogg to the optin

  • Creating IAM Credentials

    To use the AWS integration you must generate IAM credentials. 1. open the IAM tool in the AWS Console 2. Go to Users 3. Add a new user 4. Give the user a name, for example, Groundhogg and select

  • Introduction To LearnDash

    LearnDash is a top tier LMS plugin that allows you to turn your WordPress website into a learning portal for your customers. With our LearnDash integration, you will be able to make it even MORE

  • Introduction to Easy Digital Downloads

    Easy Digital Downloads is a Top Tier eCommerce solution for companies exclusively selling digital products (Audio Files, PDFs, WordPress Plugins, Apps) and Groundhogg provides direct integration with

  • How to Connect Elementor to Groundhogg

    Elementor is a popular page builder plugin for WordPress which makes it easier to build beautiful pages. The Elementor PRO version of the plugin comes equipped with a form builder that you may use in

  • Introduction to Awesome Support

    Awesome Support is the most versatile and feature-rich support plugin for WordPress. It is the only helpdesk and support ticketing plugin that can match the feature set of a SAAS solution such as

  • Collecting PayPal payments

    Using Groundhoggs really simple payments now users will be able to collect payments using PayPal. With the plugin update, you can see a new section in the settings area of your RSP plugin. These

  • Why Do I Need An SMTP Service?

    What is an SMTP service? An SMTP service is like a gateway. You send an email to this service and then they take care of delivering that email to the recipient. The SMTP service provides credibility

  • Opt-in Status Definitions

    New to compliance and the idea of an opt-in status? Here are some definitions to get you up to speed. Unconfirmed When a contact is unconfirmed it means that they have opted into Groundhogg but has

  • Form Connectors

    WordPress websites use web forms to collect data from users. There are various plugins available in the market which help users to create web forms easily and effectively. Groundhogg provides

  • Bounce & Complaint Management with AWS SES

    The AWS integration will collect and manage bounces and complaints for you to ensure your sender's reputation remains in good standing with AWS. Setup There is nothing for you to set up as the

  • How To Answer Questions When Moving From SES Sandbox To Production

    AWS asks a few questions when requesting to be moved from Sandbox to Production mode for your SES account. Answering these questions wrong will result in a rejection from AWS. Here are some template

  • Introduction To ZeroBounce

    Delivering emails inside the client's primary inbox is a hard task as it relies upon various elements, including maintaining a good server reputation. To maintain your server reputation it is

  • Connect To Elastic Email Using Email API

    Do you use SMTP to send your email? SMTP is an old and slow protocol for delivering email. If you use Elastic Email to send emails you can now easily make use of their REST API to deliver your email

  • Introduction to Groundhoggs Custom Extension

    Funnel elements are what makes magic happen in Groundhogg. We have thoughtfully designed a methodology for implementing custom actions & benchmarks which you can find below. To see example

  • Mapping Data To Custom Fields

    When you have Advanced Custom Meta Fields active, and custom fields you create will now appear in the field mapping API dropdown! This will allow you to map data from CSV files, form integrations,

  • Can I have Groundhogg on a subdomain?

    Yes, you can have Groundhogg on your subdomains. If your subdomains are separate installs of the WordPress application, it is important to know that many of the integrations with other plugins may

  • Introduction to Social Proof

    Social Proof is one of the easiest ways to increase conversion rates on your lead capture pages. Groundhogg provides a Social Proof extension that displays actions done by the previous users.

  • Google Calendar Sync Explained

    Groundhogg Booking Calendar is one of the advanced enhancements to your Groundhogg account. Using the calendar, admins can enable appointment bookings for their site. Booking Calendar is packed with